Tips for Writing Creative Essay Titles

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Do you believe that the essay title is just as important as the content? If not, then you should. Before expounding on the benefits of using creative essay titles, it is important to know first their main functions.

The title is responsible for providing the whole thought or topic of the essay in a matter of words. Imagine having to sum up your whole essay’s point in a title with five or less words. If you have chosen five silly words that do not inject the slightest hint of interest, then the chances are high no one will read it. But what if your essay is really good? Then, you should exert effort by providing a catchy title that will definitely lure readers in to reading your article.

Here are some tips you can use in creating your own creative essay titles. Since your main goal is to initiate action or invite an audience, then you have to make a creative effort to win the reader’s interest.

Use Intrigue to Your Advantage

If bad publicity is still publicity, then why not use the element of intrigue in order to win your readers’ attentions? The truth is – people gravitate towards titles and labels they consider as scandalous or intriguing. This incites action for people to continue reading so they could get to the bottom of the intrigue. For example, there was a book entitled “I Shot the President.”

In normal language, the book’s title almost meant assassination of the country’s head of state and most powerful person. Believe it or not, the context of the word “shot” is actually a verb pertaining to photography and shoots. True enough, people became curious and bought the book since it featured beautiful portraits of the President. Why not use the same for your essay title?

Using Unique Words to Portray the Main Idea of the Essay

In some types of descriptive essays, the authors choose creative essay titles that do not even exceed one word. However, it becomes effective since the title calls for an action of knowing what that unique word meant or symbolized. If you want to use this approach, do so but only for descriptive essays.

An example of this would be using the title of “Full Moon” in your essay. This title prompts readers to question why it is entitled like that. Perhaps, the essay is about a specific event that happened when a full moon was up in the sky. The main motivating force in using short-title approach is that people want to know about why the given title was chosen to represent a piece of work.

Creative essay titles are important since they convince people to take a second look without giving too much information upfront. Knowing how to use this method will ensure readers will always be drawn to read about what your write.

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