ESL Writing Prompts


ESL is also known as English as second language. In this article, you will discover some of the relevant tips that you can make your students perform to enhance their social skills. Enhancing their linguistic activities using these prompts is helpful in making them effective communicators in the future. This can help them relay what they want to say without resorting to blunders and other ineffective means to get their points across. This can even qualify them for activities that are directly related to the communication realm. You, as an educator, can make it possible by using the following prompts:


Telling a story out of a picture is one of the most interesting ESL writing prompts that you may want to try out. In this type of approach, you simply have to display a picture and tell your students to write something about the picture. Ideally, the image should be a situational one so they can easily relate to it. This will not only help enhance their communications skills but also their creativity.


Journals are ESL writing prompts that are highly suitable for the mature students. On a minimum, you may give out this activity for fifth graders. At this certain level, they are expected to have reached a certain amount of competency to meet the requirements of writing a journal. For a more guided journal activity, you may give out a theme that they should write about. Ideally, this topic should be something that every student can relate to.


This is considered as one of the most versatile type among the ESL prompts. The following are some of the story formats that you may want to try out with your students. For higher year levels, you may prefer making them write short stories that revolve around a specific topic. You may also come up with a round robin story format. This is an interesting variation because all the students are required to contribute their parts to create a story. You may read out the story with your students as soon as you finish the entire round.

These are just some of the writing prompts that you can incorporate in your educational activities that have been proven to tweak the interest among the students who have tried them out. Increased interest levels among the students can help boost their motivation and moral in doing the activities as well. In turn, this can facilitate the learning experience for the students without forcing them to learn the subject matter. In the long run, the ESL writing prompts can help you make the students retain the learning that they obtained from the activities that you have given them.


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