College Essays that Worked Well

essays that worked

With age you gain experience and that is something that you have to put to use in every step of your life. Writing college essays is not the same as writing school essays. It is very difficult to write a college essay, one which is critical in its approach and analytical in its presentation and hence college essays that worked are not as abundant as school essays that worked. Your approach to studies in college varies a lot from your school life and when you are presenting an essay to your professor you are not just presenting a bundle of sentences but a bundle of your own reflections.

Students seem to hit writer’s block the moment they need to write a college essay. A primary reason for this is the transition from high school to college. Essays in high school are more creative and imaginative. Essays in college are more analytical and critical. Professors demand from your essay what the teachers at school did not demand, research. Yes, research is the base of any college essay. If you go through some of the essays that worked you will find that the base of each and every essay is thorough study and research. If you search for college essays that worked you will find that no successful essay is a plagiarized one. Each and every essay has its uniqueness. Keeping in mind that you are a student you need to know what the colleges or professors expect you to write. You can’t be informal while writing an essay or an article on your studies and you can’t be very formal while writing a college admission essay.

Remember your college or professor won’t be looking forward to reading absolute obvious things. To write a good essay you need to be different. You need to include in your write-up something that can take them by surprise. Here is an example of some essays that worked for the students in John Hopkins University

Here are some other successful examples of essays that may help you get an idea of how to structure your essay so that you can impress your target readers, namely your college administration and professors – (Hamilton College), (Stanford University, notice the opening lines), (Hamilton University).

Leave out anything obvious. For example, in an essay of Rhythm and Image in Poetry do not include a sentence like “The poets of the Romantic and Victorian Age used unparalleled rhythm in their poetry”. This is something that is known by everybody, it is common knowledge. A line like “Wordsworth observed that rhyme is adventitious to poetry but it adds music to lyrics” or “Poetry speaks in music as well as in pictures” works wonders. It is a matter of delivering something that makes the professors feel that you really know your subject.

If you go through college essays that worked you will find every writer has his or her signature flair of writing essays. You need not necessarily be like someone else. You can be a good writer in your own way but be unique and be different.

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