Tips on Writing a Custom Research Paper

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Most students think writing a research paper to be a tough task. But it can be easily accomplished if approached in a methodical way. Following few tips will help students in writing a paper in a quick and efficient way.

Choose a good question

The first step towards good paper writing is to choose a good question. The most common mistake committed by students in term paper writing is to select a common question. Remember that a less common but well defined research question will give ample opportunity to make your research paper long enough. The research question should clearly outline the purpose of research. The purpose of paper writing could be comparison between multiple subjects or conducting analysis on a particular subject. Your research paper question should also be able to specify the conclusion that is expected at the end of paper writing.

Finding quality source materials

Limit the scope of research to source materials which can be easily found in your campus. These can be book, periodicals or magazines. For your term paper writing use sources not more than 20 years old unless you are writing from a historical point of view. Start by listing the subject headings under which can expect the subject to be listed. Sort the books by author, title, subject, facts and library call number. If you require news stories for writing a paper sort by headline and subject and if you want to research using periodicals sort using volume, page number, month and year. Sorting helps in saving library time while term paper writing.

Gather exhaustive notes

Start writing paper by examining several source materials. This will save time. Glance through the source materials and make detailed notes. Be honest and accurate in taking notes. Remember to take only those things which will help you in writing paper. Do not distort the actual meaning in any way. Always get facts and not only opinions. Take detailed notes during the first time itself so that you do not have to go back and repeat the exercise.

Create an outline

Do not hurry while writing paper. Think over the subject and purpose of your research and what kind of resource materials you have. Review the notes to identify sub divisions in your subject. The outline should include an introduction indicating the objective of your paper, the main body with examples and finally the conclusion. Writing paper requires a good outline so make sure you cover all the points in the outline.

Writing the first draft and completing the paper

Once the outline is done you are ready to write your first draft. The draft should be based around the outline. The draft should first inform the reader about the statement of purpose. Then elaborate what are going to say in the main body and finally conclude the research paper. Proofread, revise and edit the first draft to eliminate spelling and grammatical errors and fine tune your paper. You are now ready to submit your paper for assessment.

Examples of popular research topics

The topic for your essay should be chosen carefully. It should be well researched and you should be able to handle it easily. Few examples of popular research topics are:

  • Should death penalty be binding for murder?
  • Should Marketing be integrated to E-Marketing?
  • Should animals be used for scientific studies? Is it humane?
  • Should smoking tobacco be banned like heroin?

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