Tackling the College Entry Essay

College Entry

Those who are hoping to study in college must prepare to hurdle the requirements imposed by most colleges for new entrants to their schools. One of the dreaded requirements is taking the college entry essay which can be difficult for the unprepared. If you ask students who are already in college, they will say that passing this test is not a big deal but the truth is that many of them must have had a difficult time when they wrote their essays. . Those who are fond of writing and have experience writing essays will not have a hard time doing the essay but for those without experience in writing will definitely have difficulties if they have not prepared for this inevitable essay requirement.

Preparing for the Inevitable

Knowing that this is a requirement for college should make one realize that they have to be ready when the time comes for them to write the college entry essay. Of course, one cannot guess the exact subject matter or essay title that will be given on that fateful day. What one can do will to be ready with any subject that will be asked of him to write. The topic usually given on these essays is one’s personal views on his capability as a person with respect to what is expected of him as a student. One must be sure of what is expected of him and should a definite picture of his personality or character traits and his ability to meet challenges thrown at him. There are guidelines that one should keep in mind when writing the essay.

Tips to Follow When Taking the College Entry Essay

If one religiously follows the instructions given, he should expect to have positive results. If a 250 word essay is required, never attempt to write a 600 essay to make a good impression. Making extra long essays can lead your reader to boredom and put your college application in jeopardy. One must be truthful in whatever he writes; it is easier to write and much more convenient than bragging about your past accomplishments. The content of the essay must be factual and accurate; one should write only the facts that he knows to be true. One should never write anything he is not sure of.

The fact that one is enrolling as a college student means that he has already learned the basic knowledge of writing in English. In taking the required essay, one will do well if he can check his spelling, punctuation marks and sentence construction to see if they were done correctly. In addition to this, one is advised to write honestly and with fitting respect to himself and to the unidentified reader of his essay who will decide on his qualification to enroll in the college.

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Daryl Cooper, PhD, is a Mathematics Professor at UC Santa Barbara, University of California and a part-time writer at Dissertationwritings.com – a company that provides thesis services for college and university students. He is the author of “Calculus and Mathematical Reasoning for Social and Life Sciences” and graduated 14 PhD students.